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The west is complicit in the 30-year cover-up of Tiananmen | Ai Weiwei

Beijing’s continued whitewashing cannot expunge our collective memory of the killings of 4 June 1989
Tiananmen Square, 4 June 1989: ‘Thirty years on, it is still thought of as an ‘incident’, a one-off event.’ Photograph: Manny Ceneta/AFP/Getty Images

The events of 4 June 1989, when the Chinese government deployed the full might of its military to purge Tiananmen Square of students who’d been peacefully protesting there, have become known in China as the “June Fourth Incident”. Thirty years on, it is still thought of as an , a one-off event. In fact, it was part of a political movement in which . To this day, a complete definition of 4 June 1989 as a historical event has not been realised, because defining a historical event requires not only the full facts but also multiple perspectives. And in its aftermath, the Chinese government

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