History of War


Author: Rudolf Von Ribbentrop

Publisher: Pen & Sword Books

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Perhaps most infamously remembered for his negotiations of the Pact of Steel with Italy

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D Company’s Small Arsenal
At the Battle of Long Tan, the various elements of the Viet Cong forces had variety of weapons and plenty of ammunition at their disposal. This included AK-47 and SKS assault rifles, recoilless rifles, RPG-2 rocket-propelled grenades, light machine-g
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War In Focus
Men of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) wave prior to departing for France. The BEF was formed shortly after the British declaration of war on Germany, and placed under the command of Lord Gort. The ‘Phoney War’, saw only one brief French offens
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WOMEN OF THE LEGION In Spite Of Its Image The Ultimate
as hardcore male redoubt, women have played a role in the Legion since its earliest days. They would accompany the columns into battle as nurses and canteen managers, often doing both jobs at once. Like the men, they suffered depravations and never f