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I thoroughly enjoyed a silky Asian butternut soup with prawn toast tonight, thanks to your tasty recipe in TASTE’s June issue. My hubby is not partial to chicken frikkadels

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Avo toast may be your go-to breakfast or lunch, but avo’s wonderful texture also makes for silky pasta sauces, creamy chocolate pâté, and even icing for cakes. Stay tuned for our list of unexpected ways to eat avos. We like to do our bit to contribu
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What You Said
“Mommy what are you making today?” That’s an everyday question from my four-year-old son. I enjoy challenging myself with new dishes. I made the chocolate-and-ginger bread in a bundt pan and topped it with the syrup from your speculaas tipsy cake (TA
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From Facebook:
“What fun! Tried the tiramisu with home-made lady fingers recipe from the August TASTE magazine, page 59. Loved the rustic way of putting it together, the melted dark chocolate added such lovely flavour and the caramelised almonds a wonderful crunch!