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RICHARD MANN was born in Marton in the mid-‘50s. Later, the family moved to the big smoke of Wanganui where Richard did an electrical apprenticeship at the Railways. Getting involved with American cars he was nicknamed “Fred”, after Manfred Mann. (a popular band on the radio at the time) And as most nicknames do in NZ, it stuck

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Family Falcon
DUNCAN’S interest in cars stems from his early childhood days back in the early ‘70s. It was there in Sherwood Avenue, Te Atatu South he spent time playing with trolleys and it was from there his mechanical aptitude grew going forward. His oldest bro
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Wooden Wonder
SCOTT Williams runs his Swillco Speed Shop in East Bethel, MN and built this 1930 Ford Model A Woody for the special display honouring the 90th anniversary of the ’28-’31 Model A at the 70th annual Grand National Roadster Show back in January. The wo
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California Vintage Tin Spook Finds A Hoard In An Almond Farm
GRANT Eckers is an almond farmer in Waterford California who owns a large collection of ‘50s and ‘60s cars plus a handful of hot rods. We stumbled on this collection by chance. We were going for a walk down the road and met a restorer who owned a Mod