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Every day, even on weekends, I set three alerts within 15 minutes of each other to ensure I’m out of bed by my “real” alarm. For dates, weddings, and big work meetings, I carve out two hours for getting ready. Not because I need two hours (nowhere close, really), but because I can’t stand the feeling of being rushed.

And the only days I ever spend in bed are the ones when I’m too sick or hungover to move; otherwise, I have to be doing . I have an obsession with time—or more specifically, anxiety about the inevitable lack of it. Turns

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Rules Of Engagement
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Let There Be Light
THE MUSCLE MENDER It might mean stop when you see it on the street, but when applied to the body, a red light is all about the go. In fact, red light and infrared light (they’re near each other on the spectrum) can “act like a cup of coffee for the b