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Class 26, 27 and 33 Locomotives / Class 67 and 68 Locomotives

Both by Andrew Cole

Published by Amberley 96 pages, colour, 234x165mm, softback. £14.99 each

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Rail Express3 min gelesen
Anglia ‘Short Set’ Farewell
WITH the first of Greater Anglia’s new Stadler-built ‘Flirt’ bi-modes now officially in service (see Units and Headline News), the regular loco-hauled ‘short set’ used on Norwich-Yarmouth/Lowestoft workings has been relegated to standby duties and it
Rail Express2 min gelesen
New ‘Pendolino’ Proposed For East Coast Trial
THE GOVERNMENT-CONTROLLED East Coast train operating company is negotiating with Alstom and Angel Trains to undertake trials of a new Class 390 ‘Pendolino’ trainset from next July, before it is required for use on West Coast Main Line services from t
Rail Express2 min gelesen
DB Schenker ‘Eurosheds’ Return To Work RHTT Duties
AS PART OF ITS preparations for this year’s imminent Railhead Treatment Train campaign, DB Schenker is repatriating a number of its Class 66/0s from Euro Cargo Rail operations across the Channel. By early September, no less than 10 of the 60 ECR mach