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The sweetness of lemons

Many years ago when I left South Africa to work and travel overseas as some of us were privileged enough to do, I wrote my parents an emotional, filled-with-all-the-clichés-and-angst-of-an-early-20-something letter explaining my reasons for travelling. I thanked them for their love and generosity, for raising me with the philosophy that a child needed wings and roots; wings with which to soar and leave the nest, and roots that would anchor and always bring them home. I wrote that to

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Chicken Supreme
When you want to make a bit of an effort, these are the ultimate cheat's chicken classics – from Kung Pao to Coronation chicken toasties. Make pot stickers using sausages, transform a tray bake with citrus and chimichurri, or show someone you love th
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Masters Of Flavour
I HAVE NEVER been shy about my love of vegetables. I have been singing the praises of cauliflowers, tomatoes, lemons and my old friend the mighty brinjal for over a decade. It’s become my mission to present vegetables in new and exciting ways and I h
Woolworths TASTE3 min gelesen
A Mieliebread Memoir
When my mom married, she was very dedicated to being a housewife. She was always baking, and used to make mieliebread – or isonka esinombona as she calls it. Sometimes she would use sweetcorn, sometimes roasted corn, and sometimes she would steam it