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John’s Industries, the leader in 9-inch rear development and manufacturing, has done it again. By working with US Gear and their SERIES of high performance ring and pinion gears for the 9-inch, John’s Industries has been able to create one of the quietest 9-inch rears available for the performance industry.

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1932 Ford Deluxe Coupe
OWNER: Steve Lemmons – Longview, Washington FRONT SUSPENSION: Super Bell dropped axle, hairpins, F-100 brakes, So-Cal shocks. REAR SUSPENSION: Early Bronco rear end and brakes, buggy spring, ladder bars, So-Cal shocks. CHASSIS: Reproduction frame
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Havasu Garage Tours
The crew of the Havasu Deuces Show (see Issue #38 for story) in Lake Havasu City, AZ set up a tour of some exceedingly cool collections of cars and shops in the area. The Garage Tour took place on Friday morning (March 1) of the weekend event. You we
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Grade School Crush
I was immersed in the custom car culture growing up in Placerville, CA, (which is located 50 miles east of Sacramento) in the ’60s. My older brother Tom always had neat cars, and that interest instantly rubbed off on me. Placerville had many hot ro