To be a personality, to master life by one’s own will; who does not feel the yearning to do so from the depths of his soul?

As many-sided as the forces may be, which influence us and shape our inner stirrings, if our spirit is alert we will, nevertheless, perceive the power to make free decisions over what we do, or what we leave undone, as our most precious possession, realising of course, that its application can release effects with the power to determine our path for long, long periods of time, for life neither knows nor permits a

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In These Turbulent Times, The Liberating Word Of Truth Rings Into The Cosmos And Resounds Through All The Nations!
‘In the knowledge of Creation which I have given in my Message, and in the related explanation of all the Laws automatically working in Creation, which may also be called the Laws of Nature, the whole weaving of Creation is displayed without a gap; i
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‘What Seek Ye?’
In terms of access to all information, do we not live especially today in positively paradise conditions, at least in the more affluent, democratic societies? Huge and freely accessible libraries, bookstores, other information media and not least the