What is inspiring your days?

I attended the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival held at the Barnyard Theatre in the north of Johannesburg.

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Heat Cheat
In his How Or Why series, coach SEAN TAIT, founder and Running technique coach at Off the Mark, digs deeper into specific issues troubling TRAIL readers. This is a common challenge among runners residing in warmer climates. It only takes two or three
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Hayterdale Trails EC
Fee R20 | Trails 5 | Best route 21km | Ascent 635m | Dogs No Time 210min | Difficulty Moderate | Open All day Hayterdale Trails is an amazing venue. I am so inspired to explore and spend time there. The landowner showed me the network, and this route
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Catch your Breath
Breathing is a movement. Are you moving well? Ever felt particularly breathless out on the trails? Are you huffing and puffing before you’ve even hit the climb? What about heavy and tired legs that just won’t settle into the run? Yawning when you sho