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Bentley Pontoons 223 Bentley Navigator
BOATING BUYERS SPOTLIGHT LOA: 23'2" BEAM: 8'6" DRAFT (MAX): 2'6" DRY WEIGHT: 2,680 lb. SEAT/WEIGHT CAPACITY: 15/2,550 lb. FUEL CAPACITY: 54 gal. MAX POWER: Outboards to 250 hp Besides constructing the standard 25-inch aluminum tubes and chassis, Bent
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Silver Wave Sw5 2410 Js Swingback
BOATING BUYERS SPOTLIGHT SPECS: LOA: 23'10" BEAM: 8'6" DRAFT (MAX): 2'6" DRY WEIGHT: 1,950 lb. SEAT/WEIGHT CAPACITY: 14/2,549 lb.(tri-toon) FUEL CAPACITY: 27 gal. (up to 75 gal. with tri-toon packages) AVAILABLE POWER: Mercury, Suzuki or Yamaha outbo
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Q:Dear Doc, I’d like to replace the bulbs inside my existing navigation lights (all-white, in the bow) with LED bulbs. Is there any problem with doing this? John MillerNew York City A:The problem is that navigation lights must meet certain performanc