Biden Takes On Trump With A Sweeping Ethics Plan, Amid Push Back Over Ukraine

Joe Biden is taking aim at President Trump over ethics, as the president continues attacks on the candidate and his son. Hunter Biden is now pledging to curtail his overseas business dealings.
Former Vice President Joe Biden unveiled an ethics plan that also assails practices in the Trump administration. It comes as his son Hunter is making new pledges to curtail overseas business dealings to quell criticism over his role in Ukraine's energy sector while his father was managing policy with the nation. Source: Scott Olson

Former Vice President Joe Biden unveiled an ethics plan on Monday that directly targets President Trump, accusing him of creating the "most corrupt administration in modern history." It's a sign the Democratic presidential candidate is ramping up his defense ahead of the fourth Democratic debate in Ohio on Tuesday.

Biden, who continues facing questions over his squarely on Trump, his presidency, and his administration.

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