History of War


Writer: Mark Roseman Publisher: Oxford University Press Price: ÂŁ20 Released: 26 September 2019

In the wake of defeat in the First World War Germany experienced an

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John L. Canley
The expected holiday truce was suddenly shattered. Thousands of North Vietnamese troops and Viet Cong insurgents launched attacks across South Vietnam in the predawn hours of 31 January 1968. The communist onslaught coincided with Tet, the Vietnamese
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Raf Night Fighters
When the Luftwaffe abandoned its daylight attacks against airfields, aircraft factories and other parts of Britain’s defence infrastructure in early September 1940, turning instead against London and other cities, it was of course a relief to a belea
History of War10 min gelesen
The Death Of Chivalry
The word ‘chivalry’ conjures ideas of warriors fighting bravely and acting courteously. However, this is an oversimplification and belies the roots from which it came. Knights regarded war as normal and it was seen as part of the established order of