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When Michael Gove famously said that ‘people have had enough of experts' he was onto something – even though his quote was taken out of context. We live in the age of Google, where everyone can be their own expert. Don't know anything about quantum physics?Just Google it, read the first couple of search results and voilà. Sorry

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Amateur Photographer2 min gelesenScience & Mathematics
Tony Kemplen on the … Holga 120 CFN
The Holga 120 CFN fits firmly in the toy camera category. This term is used to describe cameras that can actually take photographs, but which are ultra-simple, often novelty-themed devices. They became trendy a few years ago, with devotees waxing lyr
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Jeremy’s Top Tips
Will the image be displayed in a dark, north-facing, low-ceilinged 18th century cottage living room, or a bright and modern well-illuminated office space? Choose the appropriate print and framing style for its environment. Be aware of the difference
Amateur Photographer2 min gelesen
Julia Margaret Cameron
Julia Margaret Cameron received her first camera as a gift at the tender age of 48, but her love affair with photography had already been in progress for a long time. She travelled the world befriending experts, such as the astronomer John Herschel,