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“We did the Abbey Road mixes in-the-box, and treatments tended to be more plugin-based than analogue-based because we were not looking for a lot of extreme processing.”

According to Okell, ‘Here Comes The Sun’ used the 13th take from the original tapes and consisted of a bass track , a drum/percussion track, two

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Audio Technology3 min gelesen
SONICWARE ELZ-1 Portable Synthesizer
Sonicware offers some tasty new sound treats with their ELZ-1 ‘synthesizer reinvention laboratory’. It sits in the sub-$1k area of the market also occupied by Korg’s constantly growing Volca series and Teenage Engineering’s OP-Z and Pocket Operator p
Audio Technology9 min gelesen
AUSTRIAN AUDIO OC818 Dual Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
When AKG decided to take the path-most-trodden and move production to Asia, a core group of engineers, designers and management decided to stay put in Austria and keep the dream of superior Teutonic microphone manufacturing alive. With several filing
Audio Technology5 min gelesen
Krk Rokit V Presonus Eris
Many years ago I had a grand to blow on a pair of nearfield monitors. I’d come to the realisation that my mixes weren’t translating well; I simply couldn’t nail it. The out-the-back-of-a-white-van home stereo speakers I’d repurposed were utter garbag