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After a long hiatus from the studio due to lead singer Dave Hosking’s struggle with chronic illness, Boy & Bear had plenty of time to consider their next long player. Taking up the production reins themselves and bunkering down with uber-engineer Collin Dupuis (Lana Del Ray, The Black Keys) in Nashville was part of that journey. Adapting the production process to suit each song, along with distorting pianos, phasing strings and speeding up tape machines, all helped to deliver a wide-screen cinematic result.

Greg Walker: Given all that has happened since your previous record, what discussions took place within the band about making this new record?

Killian Gavin: Every time you make a record you should hopefully learn a lot. We had a heap of chats over the last couple of years about which recording processes we wanted to use this time, and which ones we wanted to avoid. Looking back over our previous albums and seeing what approaches worked, we made a conscious effort to create an open dialogue and create a brief about what this record needed to be.

I guess the art of performing live in the studio is something we really worked a lot on for the previous record because it was all done live to tape, which I loved. But this time we wanted to bring in more multitracking and

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