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It was with much relief that I discovered Modal’s standalone MODALapp Editor/ Librarian as a free download for iOS, MacOS, Windows and Android. There is also the MODALplugin, providing VST3/AU plugins for use within

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Audio Technology3 min gelesen
Mixing ‘Come Together’
As with ‘Here Comes The Sun’, the mix session for ‘Come Together’ has reference tracks at the top, starting with the 2009 CD remaster, a copy of the original CD, and two transfers of the original stereo mix, one using CCIR, the other MRL tape alignin
Audio Technology5 min gelesen
Såmpa The • Great Live
It’s strange to call it a ‘homecoming’ but for Sampa The Great, her Melbourne show at the Forum was just that — a hometown celebration. The Zambian-born rapper was raised in Botswana and jetted to California to study music for film, before moving to
Audio Technology6 min gelesen
Life After Death
Situated in the outskirts of a remote town about an hour’s drive from Stockholm, Sunlight Studios is synonymous with the sound of Swedish Death Metal. It was here that the sound of the genre was formed, with Entombed’s groundbreaking debut album ‘Lef