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unfortunately, there’s no single formula for creating indoor-outdoor flow. Look at each space as one component of a whole and create cohesion with every line of sight, material continuity or blurred boundary. “Try to think of spaces as neither indoor nor outdoor, but rather as flexible and appropriate to function and qualitative agenda,” Shaun says. “Our homes should talk to our lives rather than a prescribed formula

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Great Brick Revival
bricks are in the midst of a purple patch. The modest, rectangular-shaped beauties fell out of favour some years back. It was a time when cladding was king and cement render reigned, but bricks are now back with a vengeance (and a range of fresh colo
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Click Bait
01/ The Lilypad, Palm Beach One of Sydney’s most exclusive villas is now open to the public for overnight stays and intimate events. The Lilypad is a luxurious floating villa at Palm Beach built for relaxation and taking in the surrounding natural be
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Access ALL areas
from a home without street access to the best house on an already impressive block, TDDP Architects and Lawson & Lovell Building Services have outdone themselves with this Sydney project. Scant access to natural light, a restrictive floor plan and a