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The Joy of Aging: Why and How to Embrace Getting Older

The Joy of Aging: Why and How to Embrace Getting Older by Elizabeth Torres. Photograph of an elderly couple on a bench overlooking a mountain by Matthew Bennett
Photograph by Matthew Bennett

Growing old is linear, but aging is not; with the right mindset and health practices, your ‘golden years’ can be the most joyful of your life

There comes a time when we find it a little harder to celebrate the years that we lived. We look at the calendar begrudgingly as every day we realize that our faces don’t look the same as they did 10 or 20 years ago, and days as a young adult are officially over. But getting older is not something that we should be wishing away, it’s a process that we should be eager to experience! So why is it that so many of us aren’t jumping up and down once we’ve hit a milestone birthday, or lie about our age when asked how old we

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