The Complicated, Sometimes Tragic Life of Princess Alice, Prince Philip's Mother

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, is shown in a reunion with his mother, Princess Alice of Greece. They met when both attended the marriage of Princess Margeritha of Baden and Prince Tomislavof Yugoslavia. The wedding was performed in Salem Castle, seat off the House of Baden, near Lake Constance, last week. Princess Alice, widow of Prince Andrew of Greece is living a semi-cloistered life as a nun on the Aegean Island of Tinos, where she has formed an order of deaconesses. She wears a habit similar to that of the Greek Orthodox religious orders.

The Crown focuses on more than just the main members of the royal family. For instance, in the third season, which just landed on, we meet Prince Philip's mother. Princess Alice, who was royalty both by birth and by marriage, lived a complicated life that spanned two world wars, royal upheavals, and much more.

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