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My recent editorial discussing a reader’s request for newer American cars to be featured in seems to have unlocked a maelstrom of comment, both

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Classic American3 min gelesenTechnology & Engineering
Back Where It All Began…
When Chrysler’s 1955 C-300 swept the field at Daytona, many would argue that was the moment when the whole muscle car phenomenon began. It would set the mould for the big, powerful American two-door coupes that would follow, with its ‘million-dollar
Classic American1 min gelesenTechnology & Engineering
Continental Timeline
1961 New Continental introduced 1963 Four-barrel carb introduced, upping performance and horsepower to 320bhp/465ft-lb of torque. 1964 Wheelbase extended from 123 inches to 126, overall length increases also by three inches to 215 inches. Wheels en
Classic American1 min gelesen
Kitt Is An Auction Hit
It looks like David Hasselhoff wants to make space in his loft and garage, judging by the auction held on his behalf on the LiveAuctioneers website. Items included everything from signed merchandise, scripts, clothing, photographs and life-size cut-o