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1. Getting a handle on things

AJS Motorcycles – Stormer specialists – have reintroduced their ‘SPEEDLINE’ branded classic scrambles handlebar. These are ‘bars which follow the classic shape used by scramblers in the classic period. Hand-made in the UK from premium quality steel and bronze welded to ensure maximum strength and resist cracking, the technical stuff is as follows: they are 7/8in diameter (22mm), 32½in wide (825mm), 5in high (127mm) and highly polished before chrome plating but there is a knurling on them where the clamps fit in the yokes at 3½in centres (89mm) which helps them grip and stay in position. Typically they are as used on AJS’s own works bikes. AJS Motorcycles tell us they welcome trade and overseas inquiries too.

What are they? They are classic steel scrambles handlebars

What’s the Retail price £34.80 inc VAT

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