A formal affair

In Kingswood, Adelaide, a residence with bold, red-brick architecture required a garden that matched the home’s striking aesthetic. The homeowners dreamed of an elegant, formal garden with lush green foliage, a water feature, roses and hedging. Their love of autumn also meant the planting palette had to support a yellow and orange colour spectrum while complementing the architecture and wider landscape. Extra amenities

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A Modernist Haven
The family living in this Melbourne home are in love with its modernist, 1970s architecture, so they naturally sought a backyard that complemented the aesthetic. Anna Maskiell of Public Realm Lab was able to deliver. “We are architects who are in lov
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Paperbark Inspiration
The young owners of this New South Wales home craved an outdoor space that not only catered to their family lifestyle, but also preserved the native flora surrounding them. Gerrad Everson, creative director at Octopus Garden Design, had a plan for ma
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Soils Of Awe
Soil depth and type are two of the biggest factors in determining how drought-hardy your garden will be. Soil stores water for plant growth. The more water it can store, the more waterwise your garden can become. However, not all soils are the same.