With petite house blocks and the rise of apartment-style living, many would-be home gardeners don’t have enough room to swing a cat, let alone grow a vegetable patch. The good news is you don’t need a lot of room to cultivate fresh produce. With vertical gardening, the only way to grow is up!

Growing vertical edibles enables you to produce more for less. Because of the nature of vertical gardening,

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Be In The Know
More and more householders are opting for sustainable ecogardening practices. Reticulated watering systems, drip watering, tanks to harvest rainwater, mulching to retain soil moisture, pool covers to minimise evaporation and the planting of drought-t
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Design Your Own Waterwise Garden
The term “waterwise” is very much a part of gardening vernacular in Australia. Google the phrase and you’ll be inundated with corporations, government agencies, products and plant lists all promoting its principles. As a nation, we’re finally startin
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Finishing Touches
When building a home, all elements need to be considered — architecture, interior design and landscape design. A house doesn’t look complete without a landscape and a garden is best enjoyed with family. Janine Mendel of Cultivart Landscape Design has