4 Campus Creative

JAVETT ART CENTRE by Pieter Mathews of Mathews & Associates Architects

public arts centre on a university campus that spans a public road, Javett Art Centre’s design is dominated by a bridge that stitches the two campuses together. It comprises

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Meeting Of Minds
VIVID SPLASHES OF BLUE, RED AND YELLOW SPARKLE LIKE JEWELS IN THE SHIMMERING summer heat of the capital city, offering enticing views from within the Future Africa Innovation Campus across lush pastoral fields and the mushrooming high-rises that dot
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we’re coming at you from two angles in this issue. Both are part of a thread resonating around the globe as, perhaps for the first time in human history, we are all genuinely thinking about our future on this planet. The notion that unless we change
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16 Primary Cool Paying delightful homage to Dutch painter Piet Mondrian’s work, Anglepoise uses the artist’s signature combination of primary colours in a stylish interpretation that adds a›talking point to any›room. A classic coffee-lover staple, thi