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I like to delegate tasks to my siblings and in-laws well in advance” - Siba Mtongana

This year we’ll be spending the holidays at my home in Cape Town with both sides of the family visiting often. Of course, this means a lot of people (because both Brian and I come from larger-than-life families). I’m really excited about spending time with everyone!

My idea behind hosting people this December is to make everything quick, simple, tasty and light so that we all have plenty of time together around the table. You can see this with my broccoli salad, where I’ve used a tahini dressing instead of a heavier mayonnaise, and the mixed baby potato salad with a

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“There’s minimal effort in creating this flavourful broth. Just let it simmer while you get on with the business of the evening.” Serves 4 EASY GREAT VALUE Preparation: 15 minutes Cooking: 40 minutes broccoli 400–500 gbaby leeks 200 g, thinly sli