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My ringside seat on the decade: 'Someone had to be the first gay couple to marry'

Peter McGraith and David Cabreza get married just after midnight, 29 March 2014
‘There were lots of cheers and hugs’: Peter McGraith (left) and David Cabreza. Photograph: Andrea Baldo/Getty Images Photograph: Andrea Baldo/LightRocket via Getty Images

David asked me to marry him years ago. Back then, a civil partnership was the only option. It had been introduced by Tony Blair in 2004; I was always surprised, given the size of his majority, that he didn’t introduce gay marriage instead. But we didn’t rush down that route: we knew that marriage would one day be an option.

I had taken our. We wanted them to be part of it; they’d been on with us, but this was a great opportunity to celebrate our progress.

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