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old, dark and ever so inviting, this kitchen not only fits the owner’s brief, but complements the home’s natural surrounding features. The homeowners wanted a unique

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Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly1 min gelesen
Tap In To Style
Your bathroom shouldn’t just be a place of function — it should also be a place of beauty. We love this contemporary room with those stylish finishing touches. Modern and minimalist, this bathroom boasts light, white tiles and cabinetry that make the
Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly1 min gelesen
Relaxed Dining
In keeping with the style of this classy, rustic villa, a dramatic wood ceiling and exposed beams oversee the kitchen. The use of timber extends to the rest of the space, where lacquered MDF, iroko timber and stained oak floors coexist alongside besp
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Creative Kitchen Design
The designer of this kitchen had to marry the unique needs of the client with Mid-Century Modern styling. The team at DesignMarked Kitchens combined their expertise and creativity, resulting in a room that ticks all the practicality boxes and looks g