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When it comes to knee safety, Pod is among the most progressive within the industry. I recently suffered a bad knee injury and while trying to get to the bottom of the problem through medical testing, I tried to ride a couple of times to get work done and also to finish off the Amcross series. I have since found that the injury

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Second Opinion: Mat Mcentee, Pro
I spent some time on an RM-Z fitted with an exhaust and some suspension work, which you can read about next issue. Jumping on the stocker, within the first couple of corners I noticed how big of a difference the exhaust makes. On one hand, that makes
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Bavarian Beefcake
For me, one of the attractions of BMW motorcycles is their uniqueness. The company goes out of its way to do things differently to the others, and nowhere is that more evident than with the all-new X-Challenge. Well, all-new except for the fuel-injec
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Luke Clout To Penrite Honda
After a breakthrough 2019, Luke Clout has set his sights on the USA and a chance to turn heads with Penrite Honda racing. Clout is currently battling in the West Coast 250 AMA Supercross Championship before returning to Australia for his assault on t