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01. Andrew Banks Teacher, Willunga Waldorf School

here do you go? Bashams Beach – rocks, beach and when you’re lucky, a fun wave. To eat? Russell’s or Pipi at Middleton with my beautiful partner. For coffee? De Groot – reminds me of living in Melbourne. To drink? I’ve enjoyed playing in my band ‘Dust Bowl Chic’ at South Coast Brewery and the Shifty Lizard, while sampling their new creations. Where do you shop? Willunga Farmers Market. Love Najobe for slow cooked goodness. What was the best thing about 2019? Participating in the Fleurieu Future Leaders Program. Learning to play the cello with my kids at school. Going to my men’s group each fortnight and connecting with other blokes. What are you looking forward to in 2020? Seeing our new high school building at Willunga Waldorf complete

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