train up to trail legs

RAIL LEGS ARE like a superpower. With them, there’s nothing you can’t hike. You can go on and on forever. PUDs (pointless up-and-downs—an Appalachian Trail speciality) feel like speed bumps. At their best, trail legs make you feel like your body is not your own, but a self-powered machine you ride up the trail. And like a superpower, trail legs are surrounded by mythology. Some people say it takes two weeks on the trail to get them, some people say three. I’ve had trail legs twice in my life and if I had to

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16. Winter Wonderland 17. Reading Snow
MY SNOWSHOES SQUEAK as I clomp through stands of hemlock and basswood. These ancient trees are impressive on their own, but the snow blanketing the terrain makes them seem almost magical. Piles of sparkling powder perch atop stumps like top hats, whi
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9. No Shame in Your Terrain 10. Choking Out Sequoia
AS I CRESTED the hill to my favorite car camping spot in Utah, I found myself slamming the brakes. There it was, the dramatic view of the desert horizon exquisitely adorned with sandstone towers—and a massive orange SUV. It wasn’t so much where the t
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Long Distance Learning
The Long Trails Issue Barney “Scout” Mann is an elder statesman of the trail community. He’s been backpacking for 50 years, has completed the Triple Crown, and is a long trail historian (see page 58). Along with his wife (and hiking partner) Sandy, h