Long Distance Learning

The Long Trails Issue

Barney “Scout” Mann

Barney “Scout” Mann is an elder statesman of the trail community. He’s been backpacking for 50 years, has completed the Triple Crown, and is a long trail historian (see page 58). Along with his wife (and hiking partner) Sandy, he’s hosted thousands of aspiring thru-hikers at his home near the PCT’s southern terminus.

Backpacking taught me how strong I am

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8. Find Rare Snow
In the shadow of Camp David, Maryland’s Catoctin Mountain Park was a major charcoal production region from the late 18th century through the late 19th century, which means most trees were cleared. Today, thriving second-growth forest and ridgeline cr
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4. Hidden Wonders
When most other long trail systems are in hibernation, Florida’s premier path is coming into prime time. Stretching over 1,000 miles from the cypress forests of the Everglades to the sandy Gulf Coast beaches of Pensacola, the Florida Trail runs the g
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Hike Your Own Hike
Will “Akuna” Robinson, NOBO, 2018 Before he was “Akuna,” before he’d hiked a single mile, Will Robinson was a U.S. Army veteran with a chronic wrist injury from the Iraq War, a PTSD diagnosis, and a 12-year streak of self-medicating to release himsel