The Key to a Greener Planet Could be Right Under Our Tires

This company is developing materials for streets that can not only turn sunlight into electricity for the grid but also generate their own light and produce heat to melt ice and snow.
Electric Avenues Entrepreneurs Julie and Scott Brusaw believe one of the keys to a greener planet is right under our tires
HOR_SolarRoadways_01_533803557_Banner Source: Gangil Gwon/EyeEm/Getty

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of NASA astronauts landing on the moon, Newsweek is spotlighting pioneers in science and technology, highlighting their very own moonshots and how they hope to change the world.

Julie and Scott Brusaw are entrepreneurs in Idaho who have launched a company called Solar Roadways. They are working to develop new materials for streets and roads that can not

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