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you?!” We do, of course, but hearing Renée Zellweger admitting she’s a Snoop stan at her EW cover shoot in Los Angeles is an unexpected twist. But the unexpected is really what we should expect from Zellweger, who became a household name when she “completed” Tom Cruise in 1996’s hit romantic comedy (which, incidentally, costarred one of our other Entertainers of the Year, Regina King). “There’s work, and then there’s . It’s different than anything that I have done before,” admits the Texas native, who’s traded her dandelion-colored Stella McCartney designer gown for a sweatshirt and chinos post–photo shoot. “That’s not to say that any of the other experiences were less special, but it felt like there was a different purpose beneath it.” Though notoriously press-shy, the Academy Award winner sat down with EW to talk about that purpose, discuss her big year, and let us get to know more of the real Renée.

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