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Source: The Gottman Institute

The Passion Project

Past the butterflies stage? Chances are, you’re now having “scripted sex”—intercourse at the same time, same place, and in the

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“I’m Obsessed With My Lash Lift”
I stopped wearing mascara two years ago, after I couldn’t find one that would stay put. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely missed it—I have blonde hair and fair skin, so mascara makes a major difference on my naturally light lashes—but the constant rac
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Come Clean
HOW BAD IS IT, REALLY? This isn’t the worst thing you can do, but you might be shorting yourself some benefits. “Generally speaking, it takes weeks or even months of continuous use for a product to exert its full effect on the skin,” says WH advisory
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Be A Show-off
If a midriff-exposing top feels too extra, wear with high-waisted bottoms. Growing up, my self-esteem came from the trophies I’d earned as a swimmer and runner. But by the time I reached college, I’d found other passions, like writing, which glued me