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HOT rodders always pride themselves with exceeding original factory performance limits in every way they can but leave it to a racer to take that limit to a whole new level, and that’s exactly the case with rodder and racer Dean Perkins.

The motor has a split personality and is docile down low and around town while packing plenty of punch up top.

Dean is now 57-years-old but has always been interested in hot rods, and even from an early age of seven he

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Upcoming EVENTS
> 1 Track Outlaws at Meremere Dragway. Info at > 1 National Series Drag Racing at Motueka. 2020 NZDRA and IHRA NZ 2019-2020 combined National Series. > 1 Western Springs Annual Barry Butterworth Classic > 1 Southern Gril
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Survivor: A Warhorse
ERIC Prain bought his Model A roadster pickup in 1983 and back then it was a driving car with a smallblock Ford, built by Bruce Richards. Says Eric, “All I did was hot up the engine and go drag racing, winning the South Island Nationals in ‘84/’85.”