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TRYING to describe what makes a car look cool is a little like trying to capture a greasy pig at a mud wrestling convention. There’s so much diversity in taste it results in a plethora of silhouettes, and there’s a lot to admire and celebrate. On the flip side there’s an equal amount of faux-pas too, not that we’re judgemental or critical, but there’s been a lot of discussion lately on different makes or

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NZ Hot Rod2 min gelesen
1st Normandy Beach Race
We had been waiting for a beach race for a long time in France. That style of racing is popular in the States with the Race of Gentlemen and in Europe with Pendine’s Hot Rod Races in Wales and in Denmark with Romo’s race but had never been staged in
NZ Hot Rod6 min gelesen
Wild Style
THIS amazing Impala is not only a vivid snapshot of automobile art and design, but its story is one which twists and turns and makes for great reading. It goes way out on a couple of tangents as it snakes through the annals of time, so bear with me.
NZ Hot Rod3 min gelesen
Publisher’s PODIUM
THAT heading sounds like the title for a top-notch publication and not wanting to step on anyone’s toes (intellectual property) I Googled it and found it was actually a Netflix original documentary series highlighting artists in the field of design.