Christiana Figueres

Employees work on the assembly line for the production of the ID.3 electric car at the Volkswagen plant in Saxony, Germany.

we will see the beginning of the end of the internal combustion engine. That is quite remarkable because the entirety of our economic growth over the last 150 years has come on the back of this technology and the fossil fuels that feed it. Over the past few years we have been investing heavily in electric and hydrogen-powered

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Miracles for Cancer Patients, Windfalls for Investors
AS PHARMACEUTICAL companies initiate human trials for potentially lifesaving cancer drugs, they often follow a well-established path. The drug’s fate at first rests on its impact among patients who have exhausted all other therapies—those for whom it
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A Tall Order
IT’S A STRANGE, if mesmerizing, thing to peer out through a glass wall onto the rooftops of skyscrapers many stories below—to look down and see spires and helipads and glistening office towers that appear no bigger than Lego blocks. Yet it’s even str
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The Stylish Merchants of Florence
SINCE 1972 the sartorial elite of men’s style have gathered in Florence for a meal at Trattoria Cammillo—with reservations made far in advance. They’re in town for Pitti Uomo, the most influential show in menswear that remains a very consciously nich