Midnight munchies

hether you’ve stayed up later than normal or are simply having a hungry day, snacking later in the evening won’t disrupt your fat-loss intentions, so long as your snack is small(ish) and protein-based. New research from Florida State University found that when women who lift weights consumed protein before bed, it did not interfere with overnight belly-fat metabolism or whole-body fat burn. Tired of protein shakes? Try a couple of hard-boiled eggs, _⁄_ cup of Greek yogurt or a few

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Helpful Hints
Heat up your irksome area. If you touch an areawhere you have alot of fat, you mightnotice that it’s colder. This is becausefat deposits havevery low bloodflow. One studyhypothesized that bymaking a fatty areaphysically warmer, therefore increasingbl
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Celery Root
OK, so it’s not the most attractive vegetable in the produce aisle, and if we’re being honest, it looks like a hairy softball. Regardless, this bulbous, gnarled root holds all its beauty on the inside. Celery root, also called celeriac, is economical
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Technical Assistance
these days, fitness technology is about way more than counting steps and calories, and this year’s batch of fitness trackers, smartwatches and apps have moved way beyond collecting metrics and offer more in-depth analysis, functionality, customizatio