Smooth moves

of us, you’ve indulged in Halloween candy, turkey and gravy, holiday cookies and New Year’s Eve champagne over the last several months. All this indulgence is excellent in the moment but can be tough on your waistline — and your digestion — as your body

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Under The Influence
google “fitness influencer” and you’ll instantly bring up more than 76 million results. Mind-boggling. There are literally hundreds of thousands of supposed fitness experts vying for attention online and on social media, and pretty much all it takes
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My husband was excited to show me the vegetarian high-protein meal plan in the Fall 2019 issue. (He’s a carnivore and I’m not.) But since 12 of the 14 lunch/dinner suggestions in the meal plan were tofu-based, I am guessing there aren’t any vegetaria
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Every time Carlie and Drew Selz went grocery shopping with their mother Janet, they would pass Oxygen magazine on the newsstand and would announce to anyone nearby — without a shadow of doubt or uncertainty — that their mommy was going to be on the c