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IMAGINE THIS: BACK IN 1984 A YOUNG MAN NAMED Marvin Nicholls stared through the window of a motorcycle shop, with his face pressed against the glass. Eagerly, he lusted after a gleaming, red, black and chrome Honda CBX 750 that was rotating slowly on a turntable. Could he afford one? Of course not – they were the latest offering from Japan.

Fast forward to our day and mention the letters ‘CBX’ in casual conversation, most bikers will immediately think of the 1000cc magnificent inline six. Indeed, the CBX 750 appears to be one of the forgotten bikes from the rich heritage of the 1980s; but not for Marvin – for he patiently waited nearly 20 years until he had the money – and the opportunity, and bought two. Are they that good?

The Honda CBX 750 has typical 1980s styling, being similar to its close competitors the Kawasaki GPZ, the Suzuki GSX-R and the Yamaha FZ. The separate fuel tank, seat and lights of the previous decade had been rejected for the angular flowing design that made it look as though the bike was going fast, even at a

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Colin Seeley
BRITISH MOTORCYCLE RACING legend Colin Seeley has died at the age of 84. Starting out as an apprentice mechanic at 14, he started his own business at 18 and was an AJS dealer at 20. He then began racing, coming sixth in the TT in 1961 on a Matchless
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Happy New Year everyone!
HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM ALL AT Classic Bike Guide, we hope you all had far too much food, cake, drink and fun! Christmas time means many things to us all; personally it’s a reset, a time to reflect and even relax. Hope you managed that too. But the night
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■ Lightweight AMCs, Heavyweight Riders
Taken from original glass plate negatives, we see the new for 1958 AMC 250cc singles, the Matchless G2 and AJS Model 14. In the main photograph, we see the two models with Harold and June Lines, both successful grasstrack and scrambles riders as well