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How to overhaul a two-stroke oil pump

THE INTRODUCTION oil injection dramatically changed the way the bike-buying public felt about two-strokes. In an instant the laborious and tedious ritual of premix fuel was ancient history and stinkwheels motorcycles became substantially more user friendly.

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Classic Bike Guide2 min gelesen
18 Months With A Square Four
SOMETHING OF A fan of Ariels, Jon Chick added a Square Four to his stable 18 months ago. It’s currently in the throes of a little electrical work, with the replacement of the original Dynamo with an Iron Horse 300w alternator imminent. Apart from the
Classic Bike Guide2 min gelesen
I have just read the August issue of CBG, and found the wheel building section of particular interest. I have built and repaired wheels for many years, learning from my brother Arthur back in the Fifties. He was a wheelbuilder at Brown Brothers in no
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Frank Westworth
RARE BIKES CAN BE RARE BIKES FOR MANY reasons. Maybe they’re limited edition, short-run cosmetic jobs based on more mundane machinery: Triumph’s Jubilee Bonneville waddles slowly to mind, as does BSA’s Rocket Gold Star. Maybe they’re rare because the