Artist's Drawing and Inspiration



• Grey/green pastel paper, on the rougher side.

• A selection of artists’ quality pastels – including Schmincke, Rembrandt, and Art Spectrum.

• Pastel pencils: Conte and Faber-Castell.

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Artist's Drawing and Inspiration2 min gelesen
Woodland’s Gallery
I am interested in hyperreality as a result of contemporary scepticism in metanarratives that once acted as external referents for differentiating reality. My artistic practice addresses this concept through the depiction of nature interpreted by the
Artist's Drawing and Inspiration2 min gelesen
Sweet Madness
• Matisse Derivan Gesso• Spray enamel• Pencil• Charcoal• Unbleached Titanium• White• Paynes Grey The linen is primed with Matisse Derivan Gesso and lightly sanded. I repeat this process approximately five to seven times. I then mixed up a very runny
Artist's Drawing and Inspiration6 min gelesen
Chiaroscuro Portraiture
• Paper (I used 160gsm)• Soft willow charcoal• Eraser• Knife• One piece of hard dark graphite• 2h pencil• One small piece of white pastel Any - - portrait essentially a two dimensional rendering exploring the different light/dark interactions of a t