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Green Tea


prime a 10 x 12 inch canvas board and tape it around the edges. I do this so that my artwork appears photographic and sharp. I divide the canvas (in this instance into background and foreground). Using Van Gogh Ultra Marine oil paints, I loosely fill in the top portion of my

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Artist's Palette2 min gelesen
‘What a Deer’
Ampersand Claybord is a Masonite board which is covered with white Kaolin clay and this is then covered with India Ink. Scratch art is a form of etching which is done by scratching lines and dots with the white areas being achieved by removing the bl
Artist's Palette2 min gelesen
Lake Eyre
I have drawn in my initial lines and composition with chalk. This can be easily reworked or removed with a cloth, leaving no pencil lines or commitment. Next, I establish my light source by blocking in the poles and shadows with paint. In this case,
Artist's Palette2 min gelesen
Captivated by Genesis
I have been drawing since I was a child, although many thought it was a waste of time and energy; and that I could divert my skills into a more productive direction. I have never given up on my dream to paint, and perhaps one day have my own studio.