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PICK ’EM: GT350 or GT500?

e’ve just declared the GT500 a game changer. But how does it compare to the GT350, the Shelby that just earned second place in this year’s Best Driver’s Car competition? They’re both so good, it’s almost like having to choose your favorite

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Butchers’ Benzes
Hey, can we talk? You, the car enthusiast who devours MotorTrend for the high-end stuff. And you, too, the retail-ready shopper who comes to us for practical buying advice. You both have lots of questions about the new Mercedes-Benz GLB crossover. Bu
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How to Make the C8 Corvette Handle Even Better
In technical director Kim Reynolds’ figure-eight testing report on the 2020 Chevrolet C8 Corvette Z51, he spoke of strong understeer, combined surprisingly with a fair amount of snap oversteer in this unique limit handling test, one that MotorTrend h
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The Big Picture
Mike Cross aims for the gap in the trees and guns it. There’s a muted snarl from the 400-hp straight-six under the hood, the hiss of rubber on wet gravel, and the whoomp! whoomp! whoomp! of muddy water exploding from potholes. Cross is slouched in th