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The close of a decade allows for reflection. As I look back at the last 40 years of Hyundai’s existence, there is a steady climb from bargain-basement econoboxes built under license, to mainstream legitimacy, to its homegrown luxury brand, Genesis, winning our 2019 Car of the Year. This trend of consistent learning and improvement impresses the hell outta me, and has me encouraged for the company’s future.

This anticipation was heightened by the offer of an American-exclusive drive of a supercar concept around the Nürburg-ring. The anticipation was enhanced by the involvement of one Albert Biermann, famously poached from leading BMW’s M division in an aggressive move by Hyundai to become world-class in the go-fast category.

When a project like this gets the green light, it’s like a fire hose. As we were escorted through the Hyundai motorsports facilities outside Frankfurt, I could see that clearly—indicated by rows of perfectly clean workshop stalls, a few half-built racers, and some customer cars, all

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