LG Gram 17: A big-screen laptop that’s incredibly lightweight

While reviewing the LG Gram 17, one thought persisted: Why aren’t people freaking out over this laptop? Here we have a notebook with a gorgeous 17-inch display and monster battery life, yet at 2.95 pounds, it’s almost as light as a 13-inch MacBook Air. Factor in a cool and quiet chassis, a silky-smooth trackpad, ample storage, and plenty of ports, and you have a big-screen laptop with none of the usual big-screen trade-offs—well, aside from its steep $1,699 list price (though we’ve noticed a lower price on Amazon).

To be sure, the LG Gram 17 isn’t perfect, . It doesn’t have the best keyboard, its design feels a bit bland, and speaker quality is downright terrible. But when you’re working in luxurious comfort on an almost desktop-sized display and getting well over a full day’s battery life to boot, the LG Gram 17’s handful of issues have a way of

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