Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Investing: It's Not Too Late

Given that we're sitting in the 10th year of the longest economic expansion in American history, it is not surprising that we are subject to daily discourse between those who think we still have room to grow, and those who fear a contraction is imminent.

Commercial real estate (CRE) lives and dies with economic cycles, so many investors feel that they are unable to jump into CRE unless they have a bead on where the market is heading in the near term.

This task is even more challenging because of the constant chatter emanating from industry insiders, CEOs, financial analysts and anyone with something to say about the real estate markets. Frequently, market leaders will take diametrically opposed positions. As an individual investor, it can be difficult to understand what they see that you cannot.

We live in an information age, but access to information isn't enough. You must be able to mine that information for insights to generate better returns. Today, we'll help you figure out how to invest in CRE by showing you how to make sense of two opposing views in late-cycle commercial real estate investing. We'll also highlight a to home in on for growth and dividends.

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