History of War


An SS officer and qualified doctor, Mengele was the chief camp physician of Auschwitz II (Birkenau) from 1943. He became notorious

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Shogun Showdowns
What was the nature of the shogunate during the Sengoku period? Our more ‘modern’ sense of what the word ‘shogun’ means comes in the late Heian period, when you have emperors and retired emperors prepared to use the samurai houses as pawns in their
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To Ve-day Through German Eyes
Writer: Jonathan Trigg Publisher: Amberley Publishing Price: £20 ‘It will all be over by Christmas’ is a painfully familiar phrase in military history, and in the vast majority of cases it has proved to be wildly optimistic. In 1944, however, after
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Returning to his Medieval roots, this issue Tom explains why Edward IV should be remembered as one of England’s greatest military tacticians, pointing to his impressive record during the Wars of the Roses (page 38). Based in Belgium, Martin is an aw