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BLAME IT ON TOLSTOY: MY WINTER READING list has inspired ruminations on beauty – or the lack of it – in motorcycle design. There isn’t much rolling on two wheels I consider to be beautiful today, and I wonder how much we ever saw, as a percentage of what’s available?

“Despite the pie-in-the-sky possibilities of electric technology, we’ve yet to see a George Brough, Edward Turner, or Massimo Tamburini working in the electric motorcycle sphere.”

Beauty is not a science, nor are there

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Fuel Tap Overhaul
WHEN THE JAPANESE FACTORIES finally got to grips with making commercially viable motorcycles, they rapidly standardised the small but vitally significant components that can make or break owner satisfaction. One such item was the humble fuel tap and
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Fancy A Day Out?
2 Mod ’n’ Mini Night: Ace Cafe, Ace Corner, N Circular Rd, Stonebridge, London NW10 3 Bike Night + Streetfighters: Ace Cafe, Ace Corner, N Circular Rd, Stonebridge, London NW10 7UD. 3 MAY ISSUE OF THE CLASS
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Find This Wedding Day Star Twin
READER JOHN KING is trying to track down his old BSA for a romantic reunification. John writes: “I’m hoping for readers’ help. In 1960, I bought a BSA A7 Shooting Star and later that year my fiancée and I were married, on July 23, in Chester. “Follow